Structured Problem Solving

Structured problem solving is an organized process that describes a set of steps that guide a user (or group) through the process of identifying, analyzing and resolving problems. By applying a set structure to the problem solving process, users increase the opportunity of a successful outcome. This is primarily achieved through the use of data … Read more

Value Stream Management

Value stream management is a methodology that uses various techniques and tools to map, assess and improve interconnected processes and systems.   Results of this approach help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of processes and drive higher value to the customer. Value Stream Management can be applied during various product lifecycle stages, including development, production and … Read more

Verification and Validation

Verification and Validation are common processes contained within a quality management system. They are independent of each other (and can be carried out separately) but are commonly found as part of a harmonious set of methods. Verification and Validation have different purposes, which are: Validation assures that a product or service meets the needs of … Read more

Preventative Maintenance Checklist

A preventive maintenance checklist is a document that captures a collection of tasks that are expected to be undertaken to mitigate problems (such as machine breakdown) during normal operation. Their use ensures the following of a prescribed process and that preventative maintenance tasks are executed as required. They also provide a mechanism for recording that … Read more

Internal Audit Checklist

An internal audit is a common business activity used to perform several tasks: Evaluate the effectiveness of your business’s quality management system (QMS) Evaluate compliance against a certification standard or set criteria Evaluate how processes are reviewed and maintained Evaluate your business’s performance.  As such, Internal Audits are an essential facet of your organization’s approach … Read more

How to establish effective Quality Assurance

Quality assurance provides evidence to a business that it is producing a great product. It involves several aspects, such as establishing an understanding of standards and requirements that must be met together with an assessment of the methods, approach and results achieved pertaining to quality in an organization. Quality Assurance, when operated successfully, can help … Read more

Seven Basic Tools of Quality

The seven basic tools of quality, which are often associated with Dr Kaoru Ishikawa, are a set of quality control tools that can be used for problem-solving and continuous improvement. In this article, we’ll be looking at the seven basic tools of quality; we’ll be covering: What are the seven basic tools of quality The … Read more

Information Technology Quality Assurance

Information Technology Quality Assurance is the process of monitoring the quality of a product (often software) as it is being developed or maintained.   Quality Assurance generally encompasses the entire development process, including standards compliance; requirement, design and code reviews; software inspections; testing; and management processes such as configuration management and process improvement. In this Information … Read more

Day by the hour board

A day by the hour board is a manufacturing tool that provides a visual representation of production progress, including aspects such as: Work that must be achieved during the day together with its status. Availability and capacity by the hour, machine or work centre. Issues and events that might require attention  A day by the … Read more

Quality Manager Certification

A Quality Management Certification is a qualification achieved by an individual that demonstrates that the holder has knowledge of Quality Management principles and can implement it to a high level of effectiveness within a business or industry sector. A Quality Management Certification shows potential employers that you have credible Quality Management expertise and that you … Read more