Tensile Testing

Tensile Testing is a  common method of evaluating the physical properties of materials. It is a destructive test where an example is placed under controlled tension until failure point is reached. Tensile testing can also be used to measure how much force can be applied before a product deforms (stretches) and ultimately breaks. In this article, we’ll … Read more

First Article Inspection Report

A First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) is documentation that collates appropriate evidence taken from the manufacturing and production process, validating that a component/part has met requirements & specifications relating to the customer and the product design. First Article Inspection reports are common in the Defence & Aerospace business and are associated with AS9102. In this … Read more

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Red Tag Process

The red tag process (which is often associated with the SORT activity within 5s) incorporates visual management through the use of a “red tag” form or label identifying items that have been flagged for removal from a work area.   Red tagging can help identify items that shouldn’t be in a workplace, move them so that … Read more

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Benefits of 5s

5S can deliver several significant benefits to an organization, including: Productivity and efficiency savings  Monetary savings Space utilization Employee Engagement   Health and safety Despite being one of the most common lean manufacturing tools, many people still believe that 5S is merely tidying up the shop floor. However, there is a raft of benefits that an … Read more

What is 5s

5S is a method of using five techniques for organizing a business in order for it to be: More efficient More effective at delivering value Have high levels of safety These five methods (known as the 5s pillars) are: Sort Set in order Shine Standardize Sustain In today’s article, we’ll be covering the basics of … Read more