ISO 9001 Audit

Following our introduction to ISO and the ISO Quality Management system, we thought, for our next piece of content, we’d cover perhaps the key step in achieving your ISO certification goal, and that’s audit itself.   For this article, we’ll assume that you’re targeting 9001, and we will be writing this from the ISO 9001 audit … Read more

Vendor Scorecard

When it comes to Vendor focussed Quality Management, much of attention is channeled into three core areas: Compliance – i.e., regulatory or standards based, audits, etc Quality – are the products they sell to the desired standard, progressing and resolving issues Performance – Does the supplier have the key enablers to meet requirements, and do … Read more

SSIP Accreditation

In today’s article, we’ll be looking at SSIP Accreditation and how it can help simplify your health and safety accreditation requirements. The need for accreditation Many organizations quite rightly place strict Health & Safety requirements on potential suppliers that are seeking contracts. There are various accreditation schemes out there; they all look for evidence that … Read more