Empowered Teams

An empowered team is a self-sufficient (often cross-functional) group of employees working autonomously within a business with responsibility for a specific goal(s). Empowered teams differ from standard teams by several factors They have corporate authority to enact their own decisions They are outcome focussed (rather than product focussed) They have high levels of trust and … Read more

Leader Standard Work

Leader Standard Work is a group of behaviours and tools integrated into a persons daily work pattern for those in leadership roles. It can be applied to positions such as supervisors and managers (or other leadership roles) and has a number of attributes, including: Documenting work and its scope  Capturing the sequence in which work … Read more

Layered Process Audits

Layered process audits (abbreviated to LPA) focus on verifying standards and processes within an organization. These audits focus on verification during the production process and, as such, are an alternative to carrying out audits on finished goods. They have several attributes that include: They occur regularly They often occur at high volume (especially where there … Read more