Director of Quality Management Systems

The Director of Quality Management Systems is a leadership role employed by some organizations and is active within a business’s Quality function.   The role is a leadership role with senior levels of responsibility and is responsible for directing the development, implementation and performance of an organization’s quality management systems and associated activities. This includes a … Read more

Process Management Framework

A Process Management Framework is a management system that is constructed from a hierarchy of documents and processes spanning end-to-end activities in support of customer requirements and deliverables. Process management frameworks are an alternative to silo-based, functional management systems.   The methodology focuses on optimizing interconnecting processes that span the organization and operators of those processes … Read more

Sampling plan in Quality Control

Ensuring the quality of components (whether these components are produced by the company or bought in from suppliers) is a vital activity for most businesses and an intrinsic part of the quality control process. While inspections form a significant part of this activity, carrying out 100% inspection on everything is at best challenging and, at … Read more