Mistake Proofing

Mistake Proofing is a continuous improvement methodology used to drive quality by preventing errors from occurring within a process.   Mistake proofing is achieved by identifying potential sources of mistakes and then implementing safeguards in order that such mistakes can be prevented. For example, by implementing limit switches on equipment within a manufacturing environment, we can … Read more

Ethics and Quality Management

Ethics and Quality management are closely intertwined methodologies which contribute to an organization’s ability to achieve excellence in both the context of production processes and customer and stakeholder expectations. We can summarise these frameworks as follows: Both of these factors have a significant influence on how an organization operates, how it produces its products and … Read more

Process capability analysis

Process capability analysis is a statistical methodology that uses data to determine a process’s capability and performance, specifically its ability to repeatedly produce an output that meets specifications. The methodology provides a systematic approach when evaluating the performance of a process enabling a better understanding of variability and complying with specifications. In today’s article, we’ll … Read more